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Red Dog II, a Mack H67
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By peterj - Friday, June 11, 2010 3:06 PM

This is where I'll continue from Red Dog. If you haven't read Red Dog, you can do it, then when I continue here it will not take so long to down load.

By peterj - Tuesday, August 03, 2010 2:02 PM
Update- 8/3/10

I just got back working on the Mack.  I thought I just had to finish painting the inside and a little wiring..WRONG. After getting the dash out and the switch panel, also the glove box, the wires are a total mess. Some one told me awhile back to rip it all out, and thats what it going to take.

The switch / circuit braker panel didn't look to bad at first, but when they redid that, they only went 6" or 1' and spliced in to the mess!!!

I'm puting in new gages, switches, circuit breakers,and new wires.

I have the dash almost stripped.Pulled all the floor mats and old insulation out. I have the old heater out. Its to be replaced with a new heater/AC combo...

I'm working on it full time now, retired time= 4hr per day.. UPS delevering parts every other day, the off day I have to go to town to pick up stuff.

I'll post some pics, as I go along...
By peterj - Friday, August 06, 2010 12:30 PM
Update 8/6/10

I had a lot of fun pullig the wires out of the cab. I was nice to just pull and snip, not having to remember where it went or what it was for.All the wiring inside is gone, except a few coming down th inside of the winschield posts. I left them so I could use them to pull new ones with out having to fish...

Dash is cleaned and painted. Guage and switch panels are cleaned and painted. Seat pulled.. I did put a scratch in the door getting it out. I'll fix it when i'm repainting the redd on the other door--overspray!!

Floor cleaned,prime, 1 coat-  almost ready for hush mat and insulation.

When I get most of  the cab ready to put togather, I'll strip the wires from inside the frame and go with all new.

I hope to be ready to reasemble and rewire by mon, if the weather stays good. I have to be done by the first...... or first snow!  lol..
By Swishy - Friday, August 06, 2010 1:04 PM

Normally I'd say

Gr8 pix
Keep m cummin

( the project sounds good)


Exhibit "A'  as evidense

U kno the deal
we gotta have pix
Lotsa lotsa pix



Thanx in advance
By peterj - Saturday, August 07, 2010 6:46 AM
Here are some pictures of half done stuff and my

Spilling it's guts.. had to take the grill and side piece off to work..

Trash, after puting out 1 can already

Some of the inside.. half done

A few of the pieces...

Shadetree mechanic brings his own shade


Remember to vote for me for

"The Most Out of Control Shop" of 2010

By Swishy - Saturday, August 07, 2010 3:19 PM

Gr8 Pix
Keep m Cummin

Nutn like working out side to get  a project dun

Looks like a chinese laundry

Everything hung  on the ground


Q?:  How hard is it to work on the engine
duz the engine cover lift off inside of cab
or is it a tilt cab

By Bill White - Sunday, August 08, 2010 3:29 PM

When you get done wiring you can do a couple for me. Looks like your doing a good job..........Bill 
By peterj - Sunday, August 08, 2010 3:43 PM
Swishy... tilt cab..easy to work on

Bill... rewire another truck..ROFLMAO...

Today I cut a few more wires, traced a few air lines, they are being changed to plastic...

I put the hush mat in and started on the insulation.. hard on the knees...
By peterj - Tuesday, August 10, 2010 2:56 PM

I finished the hushmat, and finished the insalation. I even did the front and under the dash(firewall?). I started on the mockup of the a/c heater. I wanted to drill the holes for the bulkhead fittings, before installing the floor mats. I got black ribbed rubber mat from Home Depot ( viynel).

When putting A/C in a cab over, you have to make allowence for tilting.. no kinking or pulling..

I think i'm ready to put the mat in tommorow.

I spent a lot of time on the phone working out details on how to connect things.  Each circuit is simple but then they interconnect they have to work togather. ie; the cruise control has to work with the brakes (stop lights) and the exhaust brake.. also with the clutch. It has to kick off.

I had to work out how to get the a/c to work with fan switch, and a manuel switch too. Fan control was set up to work with one or the other, but not both.Have that worked out, then I couldn't find the mark on the dryer, as to what side was in and out. Painted over at the factory.

I had to order 90 deg fittings for the heater /AC. It was made to run the hoses straight foward, can't do that in a COE!! Have to go 90 right, then 90 down through the floor..

These things are not hard, just tedious.. Have to think 2 steps ahead so you don't paint yourself in to a corner,  lol

Love the tech lines the mfg have. You have to go through 1 or 2 layers to get to the guy who knows something besides the stock answer. It goes pretty quick when you say "its for a 57 mack" .

More later, pictures next time.............
By peterj - Wednesday, August 11, 2010 1:17 PM
Some pictures of the insulation

I put most of the floor mat in, but i'm not happy with a few places. we will redo and put the trim in later.

Notice the AC/heater is in place.. not hooked up

more next time
By peterj - Friday, August 13, 2010 3:41 PM


I finished up the mat and did the trim with aluminum. Way harder them wood tim work.

"no matter how many times I cut it , it's still short"

I started to do some prewire on some of the subassembles. this will be a swing out panel with the junction of the cab to frame wiring, and the main breaker, and the key relay.

Where does that wire go, again??

More later
By peterj - Monday, August 16, 2010 1:47 PM
I striped more on the frame elec and hoses. Then started to put new in. It's a lot more fun puting things back togather , new clean stuff!!

Today I started right at the battery. New cable to the starter. Upgraded to 3/0 from 2/0. I did the ground cable when I put the disconnect switch on. I hooked up the connection from the APU to the truck. Then hooked up the electric pump for hitch.

Surprize, I got the hyd hitch to work. It is going to need lubing and fix the control handle. It creeks and groans but it went up and down . It might need more fluid too. It doesn't hold much fluid as it is a double acting cyl, and most of the fluid just gets pumped from one end to the other, and reversed for the other direction.

I ran a new 6ga wire from the starter to the alt, and a new 8ga as a main feed to the cab. Cab end not connected yet.

I ran a new 10ga for the solenoid on the starter.I'm using a relay to operate this , so the key doesn't carry a load. I'm going to use another relay for the "key on load". Key switch will not have any load except the relays.

I bought a new stop cable too. The old one would not push the stop lever all the way back. Could this have affected the high RPM? I haven't put it on yet, its on the list.

I hope to get started on the air lines tomorrow.
By peterj - Wednesday, August 18, 2010 2:33 PM
I keep striping the wires and air lines on the frame. All the wires are gone , and most of the air line, Started putting the air line back. Most are done except 1 more brake line.

I got side tracked today. I bought a new pyrometer, with new guage ,sender, and wire. I had been soaking the sender with blaster , hoping to get it out. Today it finally broke loose. When I got it out, the tip was damaged. OH SHIP. couldn't tell if it was heat, or something hit it. I thought this was a good time to pull the pipe off the turbo and look.Turbo was good, no damage to the wheel and not loose. A lot of carbon. I need to get it going , and take a long

I was going to put the exhast brake on after I got the truck runnig, but I had the pipes off from the turbo to the stack. No time like now!

The unit didn't fit directly on the turbo outlet, so I made up an adapter. Then I had to makeup a new outlet, and elbow to hook to the stack.

This unit , I got cheep because it was broken. The only thing wrong was, the solonoid for the air had been mounted with only a 1/8" pipe fitting holding it. Brass at that!. Broken....

The solonoid had 2 mounting holes , so I drilled holes on the mount/heat shield and bolted it on. then put new lines to the cylinder.

Ran the air line, control wire , and the new pyro wires...

I'll get back on the air line and wires ...

I was really glad the turbo was OK...

By Eddy Lucast - Thursday, August 19, 2010 6:05 AM
Peter are you sure you're not getting ready to put this back to work? LOL
By peterj - Thursday, August 19, 2010 7:10 AM
Were going to put it to work, have a few long trips planed...

Take  travel trailer to

South Bend


and the long one over the mountains


I need to be ready for the big load.. 2000lb

By peterj - Friday, August 20, 2010 1:12 PM
The air lines are done! I only have to hook up the guage when I put it in.

Coming along on the wires.. swinging breaker panel, installed and hot hooked up. Key switch -in and hooked to relays. Horn- both elec and air- hooked up. Pyro installed and hooked up. Manifold pressure guage - installed but not hooked to engine yet. New stop cable -installed and run to back of engine.

More stuff, but I can't remember now (CRS).

I have to take a House/Yard day..  

update later
By peterj - Wednesday, September 01, 2010 5:00 PM
It's Alive!

I started it today for the first time in almost a year. But you will have to read the story and other stuff first...  lol

I put the new drivers seat in and the jump seat I recovered last winter.I'm leaveing the plastic on till it's on road.

Put the new seat belts in too..

I finished the air lines and hooked it up to shop air, had a few leaks. One , I had put a protection/regulator valve in backwords. It would go to 60 lb, then dump the air. lol     Another fitting, just leaked , don't know why. Took it apart and put new tape on it and was OK. I'll test it all again with bubble bath, later. I added a low air buzzer along with the wig wag. Some dots don't know what a wig wag is. I've been saved at a road ,before  , by having a light and a buzzer. You only need 1 to be legal.

I got the dash back in..

Almost ready to start, then I remember that I never hooked up the pump end of the stop cable. Easy job,WRONG! The new cable is bigger around then the old one, and wouldn't fit in the holder. I had to take the whole bracket off the pump, and modify the bracket. Bolts on the pump are metric (Robert Bosch) and the bracket are uss.

I changed the tach to an electric stewert warner. I had to put an electic drive unit on the front of the pump. I had to move a fuel line to get it on.

You have to set the dip switches on the head unit , before you put it in. They are behind a plug, that is behind the mounting bracket. I called SW tech line , and I hope I have it set right.

Ok , I'm ready to  start the engine. I hit the key , it turns over good, I push the stop in and it fires.

Oh Ship.. I forgot to hook up the oil pressue guage!!!!  Pulled the stop, and got it stopped before I filled the cab with oil...

I had taped up the hose with blue tape when painting, etc. It never leaked. I don't know if the tape was holding it, or I get it shut off fast enough, but it never leaked a drop!

I got it hooked up , and restarted. It was nice to sit in my new air seat and listen to it run! Even if it didn't have a steering wheel.

To get it driveable, there is not to much left. Steering wheel, hook up speedo, water temp guage, fuel guage, a few small wires , and a wheel seal that is leaking again. State inspection too.

There is a lot more to do, but I want it to move first. I can finish the heater/ac, cruze control, the trim, and head liner after I get it moving again.

BTW, the tach works good. It turn 2100 now. I don't know if the old cable tach was wrong, or the stop control not going all the  way, was holding it back.

Stay tuned  ...  more updates as they happen...

By peterj - Thursday, September 02, 2010 9:38 AM
2 steps back...

Today I put the glove box back in, hooked up a few of the few remaining in cab wires. High beam light, put an indicater light on the fog lights, hooked up the speedo sender. I also hooked up the brake control , blue wire, I had forgoten to run from the control to the junction block.

I screwed in the dash, and was ready to put the new steering wheel on. I had gotten a new wheel 2 yrs ago. Black rim, with chrome spokes.


When I ordered it it said fits all Macks with spline shafts. NOT SO..   50's mack take a larger spline. I had to reorder. To be shiped in 2 or3 days, then UPS, so it will be a week or more..

FYI; VIP makes wheels to fit these older trucks, but you have to order them, not a stock item. They also have them for the very old petes too. They use the large spline. Moral; when they say "fits all macks" they are not thinking 50's, lol.

Well, I'll go on with other stuff. It's not like I don't have any thing to do!

I really wanted to drive it again, but ____ happens.

Mo' later
By peterj - Friday, September 03, 2010 2:41 PM
Water Works

Today was water day. I needed to install the temp sending unit, and the control for the fan. I drained out 5 gal of antifreeze and took out the old unit, and removed the shutter control. I don't have shutters. I had asked NAPA to give me 2 of every brass bushing that they made. I still came up short.

I went on to work on hooking up the heater and changing the thermostat. This engine had a 155deg thermostat, and used the shutters to control the temp.

I had ordered a 180 thermostat last year and never got it installed. I had 2, as these engines are mix and match , when putting a 675 in to replace the 673. You never know untill you get things apart what was used. Mine use the large one, and I had the kit, but the top cover gasket was wrong . It had 3 holes and mine used the 2 bolt top. Called Bob at cook brothers and asked him to see what he could find, and was on the way. I needed to get brass fittings too. The cut off valves that I had gotten, 1 was 3/8 and the other was 1/2.

When I got there he had found 2 part numbers and both were obsolete. He went to look to see if he had any thing that might fit.  How often do you find a parts man that will look for stuff with out a number, and obsolete number that the computer says they don,t stock.

He found one that was close. I got it and a whole bag of brass fittings..headed home.

When cleaning the housing , it was really eroaded. I spent an hour cleaning it with a dremal tool with a wire brush. Because it was so bad, I used a little blue gasket maker with the gaskets.

Finally got all the fittings in , and new cutoffs for the heater. I ran new hoses, installed the senders, yada,yada, yada...........

All day for a few little jobs, and 2 trips. One to napa, and 1 to mack.

By peterj - Monday, September 06, 2010 3:03 PM
While waiting for the sreering wheel, I went on with other things.

First, this engine had a direct drive fan. It ran all the time. Heavy steel, and noisey. I bought a dual electric fan, that comes with a shroud. I was listed as the most cu ft/min from Summit. I also bought an adjustable temp fan relay.

Getting the fan off was easyer than I thought. The water pump pulley was stamped steel and I didn't know if the fan bolts held the pulley too, like a cheve. I took the bolts out slowley, so the whole thing didn't fall into the radiater. Luckly the bolts only held the fan. I walked it out, with out having to take anything else loose.

Putting the new fans was a puzzle. Up  ,down , left side , right side... almost goes in , but not quit. I ended up pulling the top radiator brace on the left and it finally went in.

Then the bolt holes were 1 hole off. I had measured before ordering but I guess the tape measure must be

I drilled new holes and raised it up at the some time. Installed and ready to wire.

The fan control/relay was suposed to be for dual fans, but when getting ready to install, the label said not to exceed 25 amp load. The fans said 28.5 amp draw. wtf? I added a second relay, just to be sure not melt things. Temp control and first rely works 1 fan and keys the other relay for the 2nd fan. All working off a 50 amp circuit breaker, fed from the alternator post.

I went on with trying to mount the AC compresor. I  put the base on the engine. Then , when putting the top half on ,    I see this is going to take some re-engineering. The compressor needs to move forward, about 3 in to line up with the back belt.I used the foward holes to mount the back of the plate. It looks like this is going to work, but I will have to do some trimming and add another brace or 2. I need to get a longer belt to check, so we will head to town in the morning to get a few.....

I'll get a few pictures in the AM.


By peterj - Tuesday, September 07, 2010 2:05 PM
Here are the pictures of the fan install, also the first mock up of the AC compreser mount..

I wasn't happy with the way this mount worked, so today I changed it to the universal one I had. Spent all day on that! I had to make 2 trips to town , getting the right belts and gr 8 bolts with lock nuts. Tommorow i'll finish the mount and start on the AC hoses...

By peterj - Friday, September 10, 2010 1:33 PM
I almost have the AC done. I got the mount and brace on and installed the belt. I have  the hoses all run, except one. I'm missing 1 straight fitting for #10 hose. I'll pick it up in the AM, and have it crimped. I wired the trinary switch. I ran the engine to  see how the belt was looking( compresser disconnected). One boo boo- I had pushed the heater hoses out of the way, but didn't tie them. When I put the cab down, one rubbed on the pulley. It didn't burst, but I changed out. Then I tied all the wires and hoses up!

The new steering wheel came. I installed it,. looks good, feels good.

I'll put the grill back on , after putting the last hose on tomorrow.

DRIVEABLE again , after almost a year!!!!!!!!

I'm going to take a short run tomorrow to calibrate the speedometer. I don't want to go far till I get the wheel seal fixed.

Going in the shop tue Am, to fix the seal, charge the AC, and state inspection.

A lot of small detail things left to do... winshield trim, weather strip doors again, windlace, and more. I have to think of what I'm going to do for a headliner.

Pics tomorrow... I hope!
By peterj - Monday, September 13, 2010 10:20 AM

Finally, I got it out of the driveway.

I'll cut right to the pictures.......................


I did get it out of the driveway and road tested it.

Everything works' almost. lol. I couldn't get the speedometer to calibrate, and the cruse control wouldn't work. I found out the sender was not compatable with the s/w head. I ordered one , hope to have it the end of the week.

I'm going down to cook brs, in the am, to get the AC charged, a wheel seal, and inspection.

More pics;

It sure was good to drive it. Only went to napa and back, then 3 or4 2mile trips , trying to cal the speedo.  FUN < FUN< FUN!!!!

more as it happens......................
By BBRADMV - Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:28 AM
Peter, The truck is really looking good. I can appreciate the work you are doing, I'm doing a coe KW and it's not easy. Great looking truck, I hope to see it in South Bend.

By peterj - Wednesday, September 15, 2010 1:27 AM
Thanks Bill. Sometimes you need a few flowers.It's good to get the big things done, so I can "road test" it once in a while, lol.

Yeaterday was a shop day. They started on the seal. Bottom line , the seal wasn't leaking, but hubs, drums, and wheels had not been properly cleaned. When they changed the seals last year, they didn't take the wheels , and drums apart. This truck has the shields on the inside that are to keep the oil off the drums if the seal is leaking. So, last time they pulled the assembley off as a unit, just gave it a quick clean, put the seals in and put it back on.

Over the winter, the oil traped in the shield, and between the wheels and hub , drained out.

This time , they time they pulled the wheels/tires, Hub and drums apart, and cleaned it right. New seal again, and back togather.......BUT,

When I had the tires put on, 2 yr ago, they must have buggerd the studs, and inner nuts on the right side. They had to put 10 studs, and 9 inner nuts on the right side. Only 1 on they left. Rear was a little low on grease, 16 pints!!!!!!!!! lol

On to the AC. First the nitragen pressure test. 350lb for 45 min , NO leaks. 

Then getting ready to vaccume the system, the teck asked it the compressor had oil. The packing , said the uint came with oil. He thought to check it before vaccum, and fill. He pulled the plug... not a sign of oil!!!!! He put  2 oz in and the rest in his machine to put in.

Vacummed it for 30 min.... then wait again, to test for leaks again....   later............... still good.

Finally got the rest of the oil in and the 134a.

Finally it worked.  After adjusting the freon level, it works really,GOOD!

I did get an inspection sticker before leaving..


Moe later.....................................
By peterj - Wednesday, September 29, 2010 10:48 AM
I got out last weekend to 2 shows.. Ballston Spa, NY on sat, Honesdale Pa on sun. I got an award at the honesdale show..

After the good times this weekend....  having trouble with the engine...

To Be Continued;

This thread is getting long, so I'll start

Red Dog III