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International 4070B Grain Truck - various
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By DHum - Tuesday, January 04, 2022 4:18 PM
We purchased an International Transtar II 4070B Grain Truck. I believe it originally had a dump truck box on it.

It is a cab over diesel with a Cat 3208 engine. Worked pretty good for me. I have several issues I'd like to address and I know some of you guys know these machines well.

#1) Not that we are in freezing weather, how, where, and how much - adding some anti-freeze agent into the air brake system. I had a couple trips where you begin to get a little leak in a junction box on the rear end and just last week the brakes wouldn't release when we wanted to bring it into the shop. All of this I know is due to moisture entering the components and icing up. I'll need to be using it over the next month or so to haul more grain so I need to address this issue.

#2) The temperature gauge does not work. No idea if its the sending unit or the gauge. I'd go for adding just another inexpensive gauge/sending unit as we only use it a few months of the year. Any idea which is best and if adding, where is there a port we could use on the 3208 engine to add a new temp sensor?

I appreciate any information you can give me guys.