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2008 going going gone

Posted By kblackav8or Wednesday, December 24, 2008 11:05 PM
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 Posted Wednesday, December 24, 2008 11:05 PM
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2008 has pretty much been a wash for me in terms of getting projects done and enjoying time with my family. I had a hectic work schedule the first of the year, all the while knowing at any time I could be called forward on my commands deployment. That call started in March which my boss headed off for a time. I arrived in Bahrain the first week of May. It has been pretty good on 2 levels. I have zero debt now, I have a stash of parts for both the Kenworth and my Mustang engine and I have a nice nest egg started should we find a house we might like to buy during 2009. It is time to go home soon. I might have only days or a few weeks left. I should be home by the end of January. January 16th was fairly solid about a week ago but some events had thrown that in the air and things have been all over the map since then. The Navy has been painfully slow getting me orders this time around. I am supposed to move the Washington state roughly in the June/July timeframe. 3 years there and probably retire from the Navy. There is a small chance I could get promoted and stay a bit longer but at this point I am ready to be done. My wife and daughter will appreciate me having a stable life for a change.
The Kenworth is going to get a few things done before the big move. New front tires and a thorough check of the front brakes and bearings. Also a strong possibility is a good check of the state of tune of the engine and probably changing out a rear axle drum and shoes. The middle axle looks to be in good shape. I might get the windows installed in my second set of sleeper doors in time for the move. Moving all my stuff will be a challenge and adventure. The Navy has weight limits of what they will move. I need to lose some weight, move the difference myself or expect to pay the difference. I think it might be a little of all three. Sort of TBD with the timing and other issues.
My Mustang engine should be built starting about the time I get back to San Diego. Unless there is a change in my future pending other then planned I should have it done by March. Whether it goes in or not will depend on if I can afford whatever is needed to do it and also if I resolve a few mechanical questions like where the dry sump tank is going. I am hoping the one I bought will tuck in somewhere, otherwise I will be looking to have one made. The car will make it on track this year.
The hopes for 2009 are for a rewarding and happy year.

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