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Posted By Admin Friday, January 04, 2013 9:59 AM
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 Posted Friday, January 04, 2013 9:59 AM

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The Discussion Forum is provided by, maintained, and managed by the American Truck Historical Society. Its purpose is to provide a common place to share the history of trucks and the trucking industry. Such discussions include repair tips, camaraderie, and the promotion of the American Truck Historical Society, Posts are to be relevant to the Society’s mission statement: “Dedicated to preserving the dynamic history of trucks, the trucking industry, and its pioneers.”

This ATHS Discussion Forum Rules is intended to help create an atmosphere where freedom of speech is balanced by self-discipline and a mature attitude to discussion. Discussion Moderators are available to help you to get the most out of participating in online discussions and to ensure that these rules are observed. Use of any functionality provided within the discussion forum website shows acceptance and understanding of the Acceptable Use and Rules of Conduct as provided. The content of such may change from time to time; such changes are at sole discretion of the American Truck Historical Society. You should revisit and re-apprise yourself of the content of these notices regularly. Although moderators cannot take responsibility for monitoring every message posted, ATHS reserves the right to remove messages, block users, and update policy without notice.

1. Forum User Conduct:

a. Do not include copyrighted material of any kind in postings. Remember posts are the legal responsibility of the individual making the post. If an article is already present on the web, post only a link instead of copying the full text to preserve disk space on our server. Links to the original source are permissible. By participating in a discussion, individual posters indemnify ATHS, our employees, and forum moderators against any liability arising from any breach of confidentiality, copyright or other intellectual property right published by you on this site and against all damages, losses, claims and costs(including without limitation all expenses incurred in conducting or defending any proceedings) arising from any such publication.

b. Keep to the topic. Your message should be within the scope of the specific subject under discussion. If you make a contribution that is inappropriate to the subject under discussion, you may be directed by the Moderator not to raise the matter further or to raise it within a separate discussion group.

c. Remain respectful of other users, moderators, administrators, and the Society at all times. Divergent points of view can provide for vigorous and refreshing debate within online forums. While you will not always agree with another user's opinion, it is courteous to remember that each user is entitled to their personal viewpoint. One-on-one arguments, disagreements, and disputes of a personal nature must be conducted outside of the forum through a private venue separate from any functionality provided within the forum.

d. Personal Identification: All forum registrants must identify themselves. Do not represent yourself as another person or fictional character.

e. Do not spam or self-promote in the forums. Commercial posting is strictly prohibited. Any activity promoting a product or service must not be posted by, or on behalf of, anyone with any sort of financial interest in that product or service. This includes “free” threads or pyramid schemes. Opportunities for advertising are, however, available through ATHS in the Wheels of Time magazine. Contact ATHS headquarters for more information. Advertising of any of these forms will result in removal of the post and potential ban of the user from the discussion forum.

f. Do not cross-post questions. Posting of the same question across several threads will result in deletion of the duplications from all but the most applicable thread.

g. Discussion content: The following posts and/or replies are subject to removal and the responsible user(s) being blocked from the discussion forum: inflammatory; derogatory; controversial; religious; political; sexist; obscene; vulgar; off-topic; profanity; posting another user's e-mail address (without that person's permission); questions/debate about board policy/management; personal attacks/harassment; boycott campaigns; or in violation of local or international laws.

2. Private/Personal Communications: If a person has communicated with you privately, you may not forward the communication in any form within the functions of this forum without the prior consent of all parties involved. Any contact information you may be granted access to on the site should remain within it and not used for any other external purposes. Any unauthorized attempt to extract or expose personal information for use outside of the discussion forum will result in an appropriate reaction from ATHS.

3. Deliberate Abuse/Misuse of Forum Functionality: Any attempt to circumvent or manipulate your access rights to any function within the forum will be treated as a disciplinary offence and treated accordingly. Your access to this site is granted to you as an individual. It is a disciplinary offence to share your access details with other users. Should you suspect that your account is being used by another person, you should change your password immediately and email

4. Forum Contents: All content posted to any ATHS Forum, regardless of its nature (text, image, etc.), becomes the property of ATHS.

Complaints or to report abuse: Any and all complaints should be made by private email to
Monday, January 07, 2013 2:57 AM by Admin

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