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Cummins SD injector pumps
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By Railman - Monday, March 13, 2017 6:59 AM

From…The Hawaiian Railway Society……
The HRS in Honolulu has 4 working diesel electric locomotives, all with 1942 Cummins 6 cylinder model H engines equipped with the original distributor type SD injector pumps…
(often referred to as boat anchors or door stops)
The HRS has spent a lot of resources on these fuel pumps with the intention of keeping the railway equipment in original historic condition but are presently considering exploring other options…
The engines themselves are very good, bullet proof and virtually trouble free in our application but the fuel pumps have always been a problem mostly on the locomotives equipped with a pair of (2) diesel engines that have to work together at roughly the same rev’s to divide the work evenly and prevent one of them from overworking and cooking the electrical equipment….
From before the days of the PT system the injectors on these engines have supply and return lines with the disc distributor pump sending a metered amount of fuel at low pressure to the injector then waits for the rocker arm to push down and inject that fuel, the Bosch pump does the same thing but at much higher pressure and we are wondering if you have any records of the old SD/DD pumps being replaced with modern governor controlled Bosch injector pump from an engine of similar horse power and rating (200 Hp @ 1800 RPM) when being mounted on and driven off one of these old disc pump housings ..
I am a volunteer at the HRS and live on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia where these engines were very well known 70 years ago in the logging industry, about 10 years ago an old bush mechanic (now past) told me of a fisherman with an H engine in his boat in the 1950’s and used the old disc pump unit as an adaptor to support a Bosch injector pump that was believed to come off an old D-6 or D-8 ‘Cat’ and he ran this for many years trouble free...…..
Recently the HRS asked if anything could be done with the 65 ton locomotive that has a pair of model H’s with blowers (Iron Lungs) as the engines rev’s wander and will not follow the throttle positions, this has us looking for some information on the possibility of converting to a modern governor controlled Bosch type pump (like the P-3000), if I could get any info on this subject it would be greatly appreciated..... Railman..

By 4bangor - Thursday, October 12, 2017 11:35 AM
pump conversion: yes you could but the trouble would be not worth it. The issue would be in the 'nozzles',it could be done but not in the cards. Just update to the PT fuel system, the adapter for pump is around and a injector change with fuel lines is all that you would need. If more info is needed just get in touch and i can fill you in. P/S, just might have parts for the conversion, two bits,,,
By junkmandan - Thursday, October 12, 2017 3:06 PM
The Cummins PT system is the way to go, with perhaps an electronic governor control on both engines to keep them at identical syncronous RPMs .