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SPAM and Phishing
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By Moderator0 - Monday, November 11, 2013 7:41 AM
A few basics that are good reminders for all users. If you get a PM from someone you don't know and it contains anything suspect - obvious stuff would be anything not directly truck related (jewelry, tennis shoes, dietary supplements or any other snake oil) and appears to be an ad: DO NOT CLICK, DO NOT RESPOND on any links. Stop right there and let us know. If someone asks for membership numbers, passwords or other info that is a form of "phishing" fishing for your info. DO NOT RESPOND In any of these cases note the user name of the sender and send an e-mail to

You can also PM the Admin using the PM button at this link ( or PM any of the Moderators. If those don't get a timely suitable response, call HQ.
(816) 891-9900

To Reiterate - DO NOT CLICK on any suspicious links and let us know about them so they can be dealt with. Do not reply - e-mail or PM the offenders, it is best to just report it and leave it at that. Don't delete it immediately in case the ADMIN needs to see the contents or verify something to help prevent future occurrences. If you don't hear back from someone within a few days, please PM me.
Thank You