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Air-O-Matic Regulator
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By stkcode - Friday, April 15, 2011 5:49 PM
Then it must be a pressure safety valve. I'll take some pictures tomorrow.  Since it appears to be adjustable, I thought it was an air regulator.
It's the only thing in the air supply line prior to the control valve. Unfortunately, there are no markings on the unit, with exception to it saying air-o-matic at the base.

I'll make sure to note that if I take any of the lines off to make sure to not hook them up backwards.
By Aaron - Friday, April 15, 2011 5:26 PM
You can take the valve out of the system but put a shut off in its place, it is a regulater as Glenn said and stops the unit from working when tank pressure hits a certain point just watch your air gauge a little more closely when in a tight spot.
By glenn akers - Friday, April 15, 2011 3:39 PM
If you are talking about the valve in the circuit for air supply that is not a regulator but a pressure safty valve. Its for in case of a bad air leak on a hose to the system the air supply will be shut off at i think 70psi.I have install many of them in the past years and some did not have it in the kit but did have a manual shut off valve in the place of the you are talking about. I dont trhink i remenber of a air diagram here but i can tell you what ever you do dont cross the two hoses from the control valve to the cylinder.Dangerous.

It is easy to plumb. Air supply to the center port on the control valve. Then with air pressure on it turn the wheel to the left and air will come out of one of the other ports.Then that hose is then connected to the port on the cylinder that assists the turn to the left. Then the other hose is only one left to connect.

Years ago i go in on finishing up a job where a kit was installed and only thing was left was start build up air and set out side. When air built up and i turned the wheel the steer cylinder wanted to turn back the other way and fast then back the other way untill it broke the steer box off of the frame.All i could do was get my hand out of the way of the steering wheel.The two hoses to the cylinder was crossed.
By stkcode - Friday, April 15, 2011 1:50 PM
Does anyone have a diagram for the Air-O-Matic adjustable pressure regulator?

I googled a bit and couldn't find much, just that they appear to be more common on military trucks.

The one I have is leaking at the top.  It's a cast aluminum body, has an allen bolt on the top which pushes down on the spring...putting more pressure on the plunger (I think it's called a plunger).

At any rate, it's leaking where the top bolts to the body pretty badly.  I presume these did not have a gasket on the top, cuz it doesn't have one.  There is an o-ring on the plunger and it looks like the end is flat, not round anymore.  Appears to be worn, which appears to be why it's leaking.

Any source for o-rings for these?  I also found a small amount of grease (or I think it's grease).  Did these have some grease inside them so the o-ring would slide easier/last longer?

By Aaron - Saturday, April 16, 2011 4:24 AM
Yes it is a low pressure safety, Glenn and I know what it is, I made the mistake of also calling it a regulater, there is only one line in and one out, Glenn was talking about the brain on the drag link not to hook up backwards.