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Red Dog IIII, a H67 Mack
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By peterj - Sunday, March 20, 2011 3:03 PM
This is the continuing story of Red Dog.

I used IIII instead of IV because that reminds me of a hospital!!

After getting Red Dog out of the shop for an engine transplant, I brought it home, parked it and did nothing. I watched the snow pile up, and up, and up...
I cleaned it off once and was rewarded with 18" of new snow.   &&%$#@

Last week it started to melt fast, I climbed in the truck and surveyed what need to be done in there.

Inside I need to finish installing the overhead. I needed to finish the windlace around the doors,and trim.

I ordered a radio (AM/Fm) to install in the roof. I found a nice tractor radio pod by REI.(from Northern Tool) It includes the radio, speakers, all mounted , ready to put in the roof.
I have to install the antenna before closing up the overhead. I hope it will come next week.

I'll order more windlace Monday.

I bought 100 trim screws last year, can't find them, CFS. I'll check again Monday.... then order more,  lol.

I did clean the inside up,found a T shirt from last year!
As soon as the snow/ice melts and I can get the truck out,I'm going to go to the truck wash and get the outside cleaned, good!

I need volunteers for aluminum polishing, just driving home from the shop in January messed up all the wheels and tanks.

I did get a little work done. I had put a rip in the gearshift boot on one side. Cook Brs put a rip in the other side.  I repaired it with genuine Gorilla tape. While I had it out, I put some of the insulation on the inside of the boot...  we will see if it works.

Thats all for now.. I'll update when the work begins.


By peterj - Monday, April 04, 2011 4:12 AM
Not much has been happening. The truck is slowly sinking!  When I parked it for the winter, the right side was on the edge of the driveway. I have put landscape ties under the wheels to keep it from sinking. Landscape ties are not good for blocking,round on the sides. The one on the right front, rotated and dropped the tire on the dirt,  soft dirt!  
Its not a problem when the ground is frozen, but now is thawing. As the ground thaws, the truck sinks.

I bought some 2 x 12s to put under that side, but the snow had piled up between the backof the car and front of the truck.  At one time it was over 4 ft. It had shrank to 18", so I tried to shovel it out of the way, so I could jack the front up and put the 2 x 12s under it.  The first  12" was packed snow, but under that was 6" of solid ice. Can't buy any salt or ice melt around here, sold out, and no ones getting more. Stocked up for spring.

Its finally warming up. I hope I can get the jack under before it goes too deep.

On to the interior.
I got the trim screws, and the radio pod came in.
I prewired the unit with the am/fm radio, cb (mounted under), and a docking station for serius unit.  Read to install,but I need to put the antenna through the roof. I need the ice to melt for that. Not going to put the ladder on the ice.....

I'm doing the overhead in red ceder, but I.m having trouble with that. To dry, it's warping and spliting. I'm going to finish it like it is, and maybe redo this summer... 

I need to get the truck out so I can wash it, and start touch up and polish..

By peterj - Wednesday, April 20, 2011 3:45 PM
Digging out; 2011

I spent all day moving the truck and turning around. After doing a few little things on the trailer , it was time to start the truck and move it.

The engine started after giving it a little ether . I should have plugged it in, but it was a warm morning. It had been cold last night so the engine was still cold.

I built up air- OK . Front had sunk about 3" but the drive was still on the timber- sort of.

The truck was pointed down hill, so I hoped I could start off and get out. Well---  I went 4 ft and sunk. Backed up (2') and tryed to rock it.

By now the front tire was sunk up to the rim, and the rear, off the timber was over half way...

After surveying the mess, The only way is to jack it up and put wood under the wheels... long wood. If I used short wood it would just sink again as soon as it dropped off.

There is very little room to get under it.  I get some plastic to lay on and get a jack under it.  I had a few pieces of 12" x 12" plywood. I could only get 1 pc under the jack.  Jack and truck up - plywood down. Now I can get 2 more pieces  under it.  Jack up- plywood down.  I'm only gaining 2" for 4 or 5" of jacking. This is going to take a long time, and I have to do the same in the front.

(light bulb) I have idea!  This truck has a hyd hitch in the rear.  I wonder how much down pressure it will push .  I put a 2 x10 cross way in the rear, raise the hitch up and put a stand under the hitch.  Power down--  truck goes up !!!!
But------  the hitch is in the center, and the truck is tilted to the right. I still have to use the jack under the right rear but it doesn't have to lift as much.

I get it up high enough to drive a 2 x10 under the outside after digging a little. I also get two 2x4's and a 2x6 under the inside tire.

I get the jackout, raise the hitch, and get the stand out...looks good.

On to the front. The front is a lot deeper then the rear.It's going to need two jacks, alternating.  My other jack is junk and I'm going to need more wood. Of to town,  lunch time too!

I buy another 12T jack, and 2--2x12  1 -- 2x8.  Back home, I put a 2x12-4' long way under the front spring. By jacking under the spring,I get enough hight to jack under the axel. Alternating jacks, then both, it finally get up to ground level.

I ended up with 3 shorter 2x  , then a long 2x12, finally a long 2x10 under the tire. I mover the car out of the way, and start the truck.  It fires right up this time. 

It pulls right out. Down the road, turn around, pull back in the driveway. On the other side, and not hanging off in the turf.....

Then I have to dig the wood out of the ground, and fix the divots....

Day over...  Who said old trucks are fun???????????????

Tomorrow is a fix car day,  then I'll get to cleaning the mud on the truck.

By dashby - Wednesday, April 20, 2011 3:58 PM

You have officially earned your House Movers Union membership card.

At least you had enough since to stop before you buried it up to the frame.
By peterj - Wednesday, April 20, 2011 4:06 PM
Does that come with a bottle of ................... Tylenol!    lol 
By Dennis Wells AKA Smiley - Wednesday, April 20, 2011 7:04 PM

Move to Ca.

No such problems
By peterj - Thursday, April 21, 2011 12:36 AM
Dennis, this was MUD...   in calif the whole house would have slid down the driveway..............  LOL
By peterj - Friday, April 29, 2011 10:24 AM
What we've been up to;

I got the am/fm radio in. 
I put the CB back in.
Installed the dock for the Serius radio.
The wood for the roof is in but I still need to finish the sides and trim.


I started the truck while testing the radios. It built up air then later 
dyed ... It acted like it had run out of fuel...
It had almost 1/2 tank in both sides. I was thinking , maybe a bad pickup.  When the truck was parked before (stuck) it was tilted to the right and most of the fuel was in that tank, the draw tank. Now it's almost level, and the fuel ran back.

I shut off the crossover and get a transfer pump.  Pump till the draw tank is full.   It runs -  sometimes good,  sometimes like its running out.

The next on the list is fuel filters.  I don't have any. I have cat, and cummins--- no mack.  

Off to get filters, and a wrench-  mack filters are a little bigger and the the filter wrenches I have don't fit. I HAD a chain wrench, and a strap wrench--- can't find either!  CRS?

I take the filters off, pri is half full (normal). Sec filter is almost completely full. Change and fill... still acting like its sucking air.

The only line that wasn't changed when the engine was changed, was the draw from the tank to the pri filter.  I make a test line.  Hook one end to the filter and the other end just stuck down in the tank...
Same problem............

I call Tony, service mgr at cook bros. We talk it over, the only thing left is the transfer pump. I talk to Bob in parts. Even with the sketchy info I have on the engine , he thinks he knows what I need and offers to have one the next day. 

He's one of the good guys. How many would get you an old part that MIGHT fit the next day.

This morning I pulled it off. Not as easy as it sounds-  just 3 nut and 2 lines.   Its inside the frame and you can't even see the bottom nuts.  Can't get a socket or box on them, but after a lot of words and blood it comes off...

Off to town----again.  Bob has the pump and it is the right one. 
I get it on, between rain drops.  It runs.

I'm going to take it for a long road test tomorrow , weather permitting.

If everything is ok , it should be ready to go to SB.  Nothing but "make pretty" work left!


By peterj - Sunday, June 19, 2011 10:17 AM
Update a little of whats been going on;

The injector pump problem was in the tech section so I'll do a quick summery. The problem is in the governer, as long as I don't wind it tight into the governer , I runs and pulls fine. I only had minor problems on the way out to SB. On the way home I put more Power service- diesel clean in and it runs fine.. I'm going to keep running with PS diesel clean. If it dosen't cause any more trouble, PS is cheeper than a pump rebuild.. lol. If I'm still havinf problems in the fall , we will send the pump to syracuse and there is a guy that rebuild just the governer section... a lot cheeper than a whole pump rebuild.

I thought I might be having an electric problem, and a possible heat issue..  The voltage was dropping from 13.8, down to 13.2 or 13.4 for a while then go back up.   Temp would slowley rise to 195-200 and hold there on a pull.  I finally put it togather, I have dual electric fans and they were running for long periods.  They kick on at 190-195 but don't cut off till the temp is back to almost 180.

There are no side shields on the radiator. I've been told that I need to put some on, so the air has to go through the radiator instead of blowing around. It's easyer for the ram air to go around instead of through. I'm going to fab some rubber and foam seals, so the air has to go through.  I've been running like it is, doesn't hurt it but the fans run a lot...

Next, the front springs.  After coming back from SB, I noticed a small dent in the pan on the right side from the axel.  The pan on the old engine had bad dents, and I had thought they came from setting the engine down on small blocks. Not so.. 

This truck has had the mack front axel changed to a rockwell. Mack axels have a smile in  the middle but the rockwell is straight.  Not enough clearance under extream conditions. 

I took it to the spring shop.  They had blocks to raise it up.  By time we got done , we had 2 blocks on the right and 1 on the left to get it level. I didn't know it was leaning , but in his shop (level) you could tell. We also fixed one of the shock mounts too. If I was working the truck I would have put new springs in, but not for a toy that doesn't get many miles..

Other things;  The truck has a clunk type noise , that sounds like its coming from the back of the cab. I think the pads that the rear of the cab sit on have worn out.  No rubber left between the flat mounting bolts and the bottom of the cab.  I'm looking for some rubber hockey pucks with a recessed hole in them....

Mirrors;  I was running so fast coming back from Macungie that the mirrors blew off...   not really. They did start to vibrate. Front and rear mounting bolts  (to the door) on the bottom are loose. They are mounted with button head SS bolts.  When I tried to tighten them , they spin. I can't tell if they have nut or use a nut sert.  Either way I have to take the doors apart to fix....

Thats all for now...........
By peterj - Monday, June 20, 2011 3:22 PM
It took all day just to fix the mirror mounts. They were put on with nut serts.  I had to take the left door compleatly apart, Including the inside handle, window regulator, 50 screws, etc.  I put new bolts on the front and back bolts, and fender washers, including lock nuts.  The others I put extra nuts on just to squeeze them more.  

While I had the door apart, I installed a new outside door handle and lock. I bought these 2 years ago from Keven All, but never put them on.  Its the first time I've had a key for the door. 

The passenger door handle I left on. They don't get the abuse the driver door does. 

I fixed the mirror mount on the right side too.   This side wasn't as hard to fix...  I only had to take it half apart...

Tomorrow is turn off the hot water day. AC works better with the valve shut off....   SUMMER!
By peterj - Wednesday, June 29, 2011 2:32 PM
I've just been doing maintenance and a few little things.

I greased it, including jacking up the kingpins. I added 1/2 gal of lucas oil to the engine. This is the first oil i've add since putting it in.

The cab mounting pads , where the cab rests when down, are worn. I'm looking for something to replace them with.  They look like hocky pucks with a recessed bolt. The top of the old ones are worn down so the bolt would rub on the bottom of the cab.

The previous owner had put strip of rubber on the cab side to stop the metal to metal contact. These had rubbed through and fallen off.  
As a temporey fix, I made new ones from a polly mud flap.  Then I tightend the latch to hold it tight.  

After the 4th i'll go to the spring shop and see what he can order.

I got some stainless vent visors for a pete and reshaped them to fit the side windows on the mack.  They need a little more tweeking , but look good.  

I have a few things I'm working on but I'll keep them secret till I see if they work....    lol