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Cummins 100 anniversary Columbus (Ohio)

Posted By D2Denny Sunday, August 18, 2019 12:11 PM
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 Posted Sunday, August 18, 2019 12:11 PM

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Members of the Buckeye Vintage Haulers helped Cummins Bridgeway Columbus, Ohio commemorate the 100 anniversary of the parent company this past Friday. A luncheon was held for all employees at their Hilliard branch and 4 BVH members turned out with their vintage Cummins powered trucks to help celebrate. Jeff Claussen bought his IH Transtar, nicely dressed out in Riss livery. Don Stewart brought one of his DC Cummins powered Autocars. Mike Foley was present with his White 7000, and Bill Peters sent his Brockway dump with an NH-195. The office crew, supervisory staff, and technicians all enjoyed having a look back at several of their heritage products. Some children of employees were thrilled to climb up in a big truck and naturally try out the air horn! Bill's Brockway's engine still has an operable compression release and many of the current technicians had never see one, let alone know how it operated. And surly as a sign of times they are a changing, I was told that at this branch they have two senior technicians that were factory trained on 855 and N-14 engines and when they retire soon they will no longer accept these engines in for service/rebuild. Sad but true, just as a lot of us here age and become obsolete, so to do the engines, trucks and equipment that we grew up with and earned a living with pass into history.

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