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The ATHS Online web site

Posted By Eddy Lucast Friday, May 02, 2008 4:28 AM
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Eddy Lucast
 Posted Friday, May 02, 2008 4:28 AM

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I'm going to use this place to keep track on milestones on this web site. Friday May 2nd,

We've been online for 24 hours so far. In that length of time we have:

145 registered users

144 Messages were posted

6 ads have posted

Metro Man was the 100th person to register

We've had 50 users online at one time. Monday May 5th, 2008

Our 100th user registered was

Larry Kovacs

Out 250th registered user signed up Sunday evening as was

Dean Ashby

We now have 14 ads posted.

We've seen in excess of 60 users signed in at one time on several occasions.

As of this morning we have a total of 258 users registered

Thursday May 8th, 2008

The site has now been up for one week.

After the first week we have 310 user accounts.

We have 16 ads posted in the Classified Ad section. We have two more ads waiting on the approval process.

We've added about 80 topics and 1000 messages.

We put up a page hit counter and  had over 12,000 hits. We are estimating we will have about 5 1/2 million hits a year at this pace.

We had 702 unique users in the last 24 hours

    92% IE

    4% FireFox

    2% Safri

    3/4 of one % Netscape

Where folks logged in from
    87 % from US

    2.5% from Kuwait

    2.27% from UK

1.45% NewZealand

1.18% Austria

0.21 Netherlands

0.19% Ireland

0.10 % Bahrain

0.02 Phillipines

0.02% Spain

0.02 % Albania

May 27 th, 2008

It's been a couple of weeks since I updated this information. I spent the last week in Hutchinson at the Convention and Truck Show. The web site counter is allowing us a unique view into who is using this web site.

We regularly have visitors from 11 or 12 countries. The most encouraging statistic that I see is the numbers of different users who visit the site on a regular basis. Most users are returning to the site on average 1.75 times per day. We have 2,484 users who keep coming back to visit us. That's more than 10 % of the ATHS membership and about equal to the number of folks who voted in the last ATHS election.

We are up to 410 registered users and 962 different visitors today.

Our search engine statistics are climbing with Goggle now indexing over 1,000 pages. Unfortunately this is going to go back to "0" because we are going to change the URL for this site in the near future.

We now have 33 ads posted in the classified section and it proves to be one of the most popular reasons folks are visiting the site.

 June 25th, 2008

Another month has gone by. The ATHS and ATCA National Conventions and Truck shows have come and gone. Page counts diffinately drop when when these types of events are going on. We still have a dedicated and faithful bunch of viewers. Not counting the first week the siite was available we've had over 451 thousand page views. We are averaging over 760 different users everyday. Some folks visit teh site so many times a day we get our kicks watching. Quite a few folks only visit once a week or every several days. On a weekly basis we have about 2,000 different visitors. 

Our google links are up to 1,520 links.

The Classified Ads section has 52 ads not counting the trucks and trailers for sale.

The registered user count is up to 503 people. The 500th registered user was 855ntc, welcome aboard.

We've posted 5,820 posts within 11,664 topics with most of those being messages from past web sites we've used over the years.

July 17th, 2008

Its been a while since I updated this so here goes. I thought I'd post some of the stats from the page counter. We've been busy getting the division ready to open up to new members, changing the way the Classified Ads work, Switching the site URL, upgrading the license so we can make changes. etc.

552 members have posted 7,684 posts within 11,881 topics

United States409984.8%
New Zealand1152.4%
United Kingdom851.8%


Operating SystemCount
Windows XP344670%
Windows Vista82816.82%
Windows 982605.28%
Windows 20001943.94%
Windows Server 2003541.1%
Windows 95501.02%
Macintosh Intel Mac OS X300.61%
Macintosh PPC Mac OS X 10_4_11120.24%
Macintosh PPC Mac OS X90.18%
Macintosh PPC Mac OS X Mach-O30.06%


different people per day

Last 30 days

Unique visitors
DAY Count  % 
Hello, Eddy Lucast.

Site: "American Truck Historical Society Online" [ ]

Total counter state:

Hits: 651739
Hosts: 9787
Visitors: 54695
Sessions: 111828

From the begining of the month:

Hits: 152051
Hosts: 2653
Visitors: 13172
Sessions: 26816

Last week:

Hits: 54796
Hosts: 2242
Visitors: 4972
Sessions: 9636

To change your GoStats email settings login to your account at

 June 19th, 2009

1,100 registered users and 3.67 million page hits


It’s been way to long since I last updated this but I'm here now.

We finished up the first year online with over 3 million page hits and a 1,000 registered users.  We were getting just over 800 users after two years with the older discussion boards.  The stats we collect have given us a baseline to measure our progress. We've actually done better than the stated page counts because we do not count all of the page hits. We are not counting page hits for the Truck Show Photos which has been a big hit. We are also not counting page hits in the Research Library.

Most of the site has been well received and some parts haven't gotten as much use as we'd hoped but all in all its done very well and we've received a lot of pats on the back.

The RoadKill Cafe section remains the biggest draw. We've had to deal with those that want to post items that fall outside of the Forum Rules. Most of these have been political in nature and try to skirt the rules. We've tried different approaches to apply the rules and have decided its’ best to just delete them when they appear. Being a censor is the one think I hate the most but it has to be. But at least I know have a few new names, LOL. Oh Well!

Jeff’s, What Am I, has been a huge draw for us and brings us visitors from all over the world. We have a bunch of visitors who only visit this area. So splitting the Forums up into categories was a good idea. It appears Jeff and his following have a lot of fun with the What Am I.

Franks Tech Questions & Tips also has a dedicated crowd and many of his followers also like not having to wade through all of the comments in the RoadKill to find the technical items they seek. We've been blessed with folks like Glenn and Dan who go above and beyond to help folks with good knowledgeable technical help.

John continues to keep the Parts and Services links up to date. We've been trying to coordinate the efforts in this section with the ATHS Marketing Committee to provide more value for the companies that are ATHS sponsors. Hopefully it will help give their sponsorships more value and they'll continue their efforts with the Society. 

We've expanded on the calendar setup by creating the Show Photos. You can now go to the Show Photos and find a link to the event in the calendar. You can go into the calendar and find links to photos of the trucks that were in the truck show. The challenge here is to get the show photos sent to us so we can post them. We can and will do better here as more people find out that we need to have these photos sent to us so they can be posted. We’d also like to get the chapters to send us their newsletters, and chapter meeting details so they can be posted in the calendar.

The Classified Ad section allows ATHS members to post free ads with two limitations. No complete vehicles and nothing over $1,000. We hope this area will be a draw to finding and signing up new members. Each limitation imposed on this area cuts the amount of participation and the potential for attracting new members but protects other efforts made by the Society. Without accurate stats it difficult to track how effective this effort is. We've not kept any stats on the new members that have joined the Society because we've not found a good way to do so yet. We've been made aware by some of those who've joined because they've dropped us a note telling us so.  

The Blogs or the "You're not going to believe this" section is one that we continue to struggle with. We've changed the format and content a couple of times looking for the magical combination and we're still looking for it.

The Research Library is one item that has the ability to be one of the best values in Old Truck Recourses. The extra login has been its biggest obstacle. We hired a programmer to eliminate the extra login and are ready to start testing the solution. Once that’s worked out we'll be able to create an Index to make finding what’s there much easier. We've been posting truck and component manuals, spec sheets, brochures and photos as we get permission from the copyright holders to post them. So far all of them have been very gracious to give us permission and we need to thank them. There currently is a backlog of documents to post that take up more space than we have available and we have a lot of space available.

Last but not least I need to thank everyone who has been involved with this effort from the ATHS Board of Directors, Board Members, Members and the crew that takes care of the daily operation of the site. My hat goes off to you, Thank You very much.


June 19th, 2011


Time flys when you're having fun. It's been way to long since I updated this. Since we started with this software we've been thru 8 updates, or 8 different versions. Most were pain free but two of them gave us fits. Several issues caused us a lot of grief but we worked thru them one at a time until they were fixed. At this time we're waiting on the next version which is due out soon and we are getting excited about it. It has several features we've been waiting on, one will allow us to unlock the Research Library and enhance our photo capabilities which we've been working to do since day one. Thumbnails will be a big part of this. It's important because we still have many users with the slower dialup modems. We believe this update will result in more, active users.

The ATHS Online Division has been working to find effective ways to promote the forums. The Online Division has been selling RoadKill Cafe  and What Am I T-Shirts to generate funds for our software, server and its needs. We wear them at Truck Shows so we know to introduce ourselves. We pass out RoadKill Cafe windshield placards for the Forum users to put in the windshield of their trucks at truck shows so we know it belongs to one of the forum members. We have been passing out flyers advertising the forums at the National Truck Shows since we started. It appears to be our most effective means of promoting the forums. So much so that we've gone from our core group of 300 users to a record of 3,674 different users in one day on the forums. Two days after the 2011 ATHS national Truck Show in South Bend IN. Our record day for page hits was the same day with over 35,000 hits. The search engines are bringing us between 6 and 7 hundred users a day thru search results. We've passed thru the 11 million total page hits since we went live and in the last three days we passed the 4 million page hits for the last 12 months.  

Tuesday December 20th,

Just a short note. This past week we reached two new records. This past Sunday we had over 4,000 different visitors to the site. Our search engine results continue to climb, most days we now have over 900 visitors daily from the search engines. Twice in the last week we've gone over 1,000 hits from the search engines.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our members and friends!




a day

Eddy Lucast

man with wooden truck should be wary of "truck whisperer" with torch
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 4:16 AM by Eddy Lucast
Eddy Lucast
 Posted Friday, June 19, 2009 5:19 AM

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New comments are at the bottom of the message

Eddy Lucast

man with wooden truck should be wary of "truck whisperer" with torch
Eddy Lucast
 Posted Sunday, June 19, 2011 1:02 PM

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Eddy Lucast (6/19/2009)
New comments are at the bottom of the message

Last updated June 19th, 2011

Eddy Lucast

man with wooden truck should be wary of "truck whisperer" with torch
 Posted Sunday, June 19, 2011 4:46 PM
ATHS Member

ATHS Member - (148,609 reputation)ATHS Member - (148,609 reputation)ATHS Member - (148,609 reputation)ATHS Member - (148,609 reputation)ATHS Member - (148,609 reputation)ATHS Member - (148,609 reputation)ATHS Member - (148,609 reputation)ATHS Member - (148,609 reputation)ATHS Member - (148,609 reputation)

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Thanks for all the stats.  I remember the board meeting when we voted for you to be responsible for this site.  (Did we ever make the hook-up to Frank in Q-8?)  I made the comment at the time that we can't comprehend where this technology will take us in a few years.  Just note our growth.

 This site allows us all to participate in our hobby with the information and photos of our activities.  Many of us don't have the resources to participate a much as we would like, but we can still appreciate and enjoy the hobby and friendships.


Every Body Gotta Be Some Place
Eddy Lucast
 Posted Tuesday, December 20, 2011 4:17 AM

. - (319,052 reputation). - (319,052 reputation). - (319,052 reputation). - (319,052 reputation). - (319,052 reputation). - (319,052 reputation). - (319,052 reputation). - (319,052 reputation). - (319,052 reputation)

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I added a short note, you'll find it at the bottom of the thread.

Eddy Lucast

man with wooden truck should be wary of "truck whisperer" with torch

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