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My Peterbilt 359

Posted By dieselsmoke Tuesday, November 16, 2010 5:27 PM
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 Posted Tuesday, November 16, 2010 5:27 PM
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                                           How it came to be

I was working for a small autobody shop in Fairfax Vermont in june of 2008. Very rarely my boss would send me out to repair rv's to large to fit in our shop. He sent me to a shop five miles away owned by a small excavating company to repair a damaged fifth wheel camper. Upon arrival I couldent help but notice the early seventies 359 pete's nose in the three sided equipment barn on the property. I knew of the truck ten years earlier and was quite surprised to see it tucked away there. His business was once located in the center of the village of Faifax but was forced to relocate due to neighbors complaining of noise from the trucks. So he bought a retired dairy farm out of town and converted it into his shop.The Peterbilt was parked in the barn in 2000 and never used again. I allways assumed he sold the truck because I never saw it after he moved out of town.

I never got a close look at the truck years ago, only seen it on the road but I knew it had a detroit 12v71 in it from hearing it pass by and one of his employees bragging about it. When I got a good look at her I was amazed how original it was and relativly good condition. It was backed in out of the weather for ten years! The odometer showed 312,591 miles.

I asked the owner what his plans were for the truck and he told me he had somebody Interested in buying the truck but had not seen any money yet. I asked what he was looking to get for it and he told me $5,000. Way more than I could afford. I asked him if he would be interested in having me paint some equipment for the truck but he wasen't interested.  Bummer, Well I was in no financial situation to buy another toy and I knew my wife would divorce me if I did so I had to let it go. It Killed me to think of letting such a great find slip away.

2009 turned out to be a pretty good year for me work wise and and I got caught up financially and started thinking about the truck again. Almost a year and a half had passed and the truck still sat in the same spot so I gave him a call and asked him if the truck was still available. He told me that It was and the other guy was no longer interested. So I asked him if he could take payments on it and he agreed. I gave him a thousand down and he asked if I would be intersted in undercoating some of his trucks and work off what I owed. we agreed on $200 a truck and he had four pickups to do. I did those thru the winter using his heated shop and lift.

Then in the spring he bought a used mini Terex excavator and needed a crack in the fiberglass hood repaired. So I got that done and was down to $3,000. left. I dont think a month went buy and he had a mishap with his 2000 mack tandem dump truck. He was backing a trailer in a tight spot between some trees and caught the right fender. The paint was badly faded so I talked him into having me repair the fender and paint the whole truck including the box and frame for the remaining $3,000.I coulden't do the job untill the end of july when he would go on vacation for two weeks. 

It's kinda funny how I had hoped he would let me paint some stuff for him and he didn't want that originally but thats how it ended up. When I first found the truck and couldent afford it I had hoped that it would be there when I was ready and told myself that if it was ment to be it would happen. Well I guess it was ment to be.

Fred Kuhn, St.albans, VT.
1974 Peterbilt 359 Detroit 12v71n @475 13spd

1972 Ford F250 4x2 390 4spd

1994 Ford F350 4x4 IH 7.3 Turbo 5spd
Saturday, November 20, 2010 4:18 PM by dieselsmoke

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